String/Pixel Blade 9-pin Connector & Charging Kits

These string/pixel blade connector and charging kits are designed to be used with standard TCSS polycarbonate blades, and includes the connectors necessary for the hilt, blade, a decorative blade plug (or second blade), and a recharge plug.  Wiring instructions include suggested wiring for both string and pixel blade configurations, and for using the blade and plugs as activation keys rather than using a kill key in the recharge port. The kits have developed as they’ve been put to use in my builds, and I’m really happy with how they are working out.  Wejack – A prototyping & development lightsaber – makes great use of the kit, and the original prototypes for the kits were put to use in Li’l Billy – A Yule Side Saber.

The inserts snugly house 6amp aviation connectors to facilitate the connection of LED string blades and pixel blades.  The hilt insert is 1″ OD, with an inset for the hex nut and an internal stop collar for the male aviation connector.  The blade inserts match the blade ID (7/8″ for 1″ thin wall, 3/4″ for thick) and slide 6mm into the blade with a 1mm x 1″ OD stop rim and a hole accurately positioned for a retention screw.

Each kit includes:
– 1 hilt insert
– 3 blade inserts
– 1 charge adapter cap (pre-drilled & tapped)
– 1 male 9-in aviation connector (gx16-9)
– 3 female 9-pin aviation connectors (gx16-9)
– 1 recharge port
– 5 6-32 set screws
– suggested wiring diagrams and assembly instructions for string and pixel blades including flash, programming ports, charge ports, and plug accent LEDs.

Product page
Kits are $40ea + $3.50 US shipping or $8.50 international
If the kits are not listed in stock, please allow 2-3 weeks for assembly and shipping.

Please feel free to send a message before you order if you’d like a kit with different parts. 10-pin kits can also be assembled, but there is an extended lead time.

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