“Unpatriotic” by Timothy Dark

“Unpatriotic” by Timothy Dark dropped this morning and it is really quite a work of art. The video is part two of a series starting with “The Future”. At the risk of repeating myself, working with Tim on this project was really a joy. As an artist he had a clear vision, but he wasn’t afraid to let his team make decisions and allowed the work to grow organically.

The video features the “Mindbender” helmet prop I posted about earlier this year, as well as a “Backbreaker” which I’ll post about soon.

Unpatriotic” feat Stephanie Linn”
Directed by Sean Tracy of Monstr in the Dark
Executive Producer – Timothy Dark
Producer – Jules Cortez
Assistant Director – Deighton McKoy
Make up by Diamond Hawkins_
Production Assistant -Jennie West

TD’s Jacket and Goggle Design by Jenny West
Trump Force masks by Anthony Pappalardi
Brainwashing chair by Mad Science Workshoppe
Location provided by Tito Morelli

‘Unpatriotic” by Timothy Dark feat. Stephanie Linn
was written by Timothy Dark and produced by Mike Prochilo and Timothy Dark

See part one “The Future” here.

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