FX-SaberOS Development update 2017-11-21

post by Andras/protonerd

I decided to make a few short “featurette” videos showing some of the improvements in the existing FX’s of FX-SaberOS as well as new ones not published yet.
All open source and free to use, true to our mission.

This particular one uses my toy Kylo Ren crossguard saber to show staggered ignition, latency between main blade and crossguard ignintion is programmable. I choose a very pragmatic approach to the sound effect, the staggered crossguard ignition will simply play a clash sound, as they come the closest to the short, burst-like ignition of the crossguard.

I made improvements to the blaster block feature, now it’s more responsive, faster, better mimics the bolt hitting the blade and being deflected back in a rapid series of swift events.
Also features in this video the new FlareClash for MemoryBlade effects, like the FireBlade: watch how the flaming blade FX is never interrupted, instead the fire is fanned up (flares up) upon a clash, giving the FX a distinct realistic feel.

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