Li’l Billy: A Yuleside Saber

Introducing Li’l Billy: A Yule Side Saber

Li’l Billy is DIYino based lightsaber with a customized version of LSOS 1.3 I’ve dubbed DIYuletide.  Custom effects include a candy cane striped neopixel blade with matching ignition and extinguish effects and sequentially triggered swing sounds to enable the playing of a tune.  The font is YuleSide, a custom font I assembled from public domain sounds including sleigh bells, hand bells, whip cracks, and my own “ho ho ho.”

Table leg – cut, stained, painted & cored out with spade blades and a hand drill.
Holiday bell decoration
aluminum tubing
2×120 pixel NeoPixel LED strips

This went from concept to reality in under a week, with some key additions in the following weeks.  This was by no means a polished build, but it is only meant to be a fun thing for the holiday season after which it was gutted.  Fear not, I intend to revisit this build next year when I’ll have more time to collect materials and refine the coding and build quality.

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