LSOS Development Breadboard – simulate Pixel, String & RGB LED Blades!

The breadboard can simulate any type of blade and is a really nice tool for developing arduino based sabers. Since I’m not using any high power LEDs or strings, a DynaOhm is all it needs, making the transistors that would normally be required unnecessary. If I want to use a high ppower LED, there is plenty of room to drop in a few transistors on the board and connect a harness for the LED. The pixel strip is covered in a strip of white vinyl tape because staring at those things will make you blind!

One thing I didn’t note is that the power source is an old mobile phone battery attached to the bottom. The battery has about the same capacity as the 18650 cells I normally use, and it’s totally sufficient for powering this setup.

This is also a fun demonstration tool for people who have an interest in what goes into building sabers from scratch (and really makes one appreciate the DIYino boards!).

1x Breadboard
7x 5mm LED
1x 144pixel/m WS2812 strip, 23 pixels
2x Momentary Switch
1x Stereo headphone jack
1x 23mm speaker
1x 20ma DynaOhm resistor
1x DFplayer w/8gb SD card
1x Arduino Nano
1x MPU6050
Voltage divider resistors: 100kohm, 470kohm
various wires

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