For Sale: Pixel Blade Parts

By popular demand I’ve ordered a bunch of parts. Rather than put together predetermined kits like I have in the past, I’m offering these a la carte.

The v2 Blade Adapater is a improvement over my original design. It’s a base and two shells: The base holds the aviation plug, while the shells clamp to both the base and the pixel strips. This should dramatically improve the durability of the wiring connections that would normally subject to tugging and shifting of the blade. The reason I made it in three pieces is to make assembly easier. You have all the room you could want to solder, then the shells slip on over the wiring to secure the strip. I plan on making a video demonstrating the assembly this weekend, but I’ve had a lot of requests to post parts so I decided to get this up now!

The blade, plug, and hilt adapters will all come with the matching 9-pin aviation connector and set screws required for assembly.

UPDATE: These parts and more are now available through my new shop at

I have some other spare parts related to the above. If you need them let me know.

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