Apsara: The Truth of Movement

Presenting Apsara, The Truth of Movement.

This was my first ever lightsaber build, from before I knew there was a community of people doing this sort of thing.  It was originally built as a budget hardware store hilt for my girlfriend for May 4th, rebuilt for her birthday. The electronics were originally a Hasbro BB board, but that died just before the cosmetic upgrades so I spent an afternoon cobbling electronics from parts on hand. The swing sensor and clash sensor are recycled from the Blade Builder board work well enough.

I’ll eventually upgrade the sensors to a gyro/accelerator and fit it with a more reliable chassis.  The hilt is powered by a 3500mah 18650, Arduino Nano, and single blue Cree LED.  The LED may also get an upgrade so I can give her flash on clash, blaster blocks, etc.

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